Final Fantasy 13 Agito y Parasite eve 3 saldran para PSP

agosto 4, 2008
SqUaRe EnIx

square-enix dijeron que estaban elaborando mas proyectos para la portatil y estos dos son sorprendentes aqui la informacion en ingles , e intentado traducirla con el google pero no merece la pena ponerla aqui

-DKS3713: Final Fantasy Agito 13 and Parasite Eve 3 coming to PSP

And here rolls out the “surprises” from Square Enix. At their ongoing DKS3713 event, the publisher has announced that two mobile phone game titles from their famed franchise rosters will be joining the PSP club.

The first one is The 3rd Birthday, from the Paradise Eve franchise. Originally a mobile phone exclusive, this one headed to the PSP will NOT be a sequel, hence, “Parasite Eve” did not come attached to the title. If you’ll remember, a rumor came out last year pertaining a Parasite Eve title for the next-gen in the works. Well, nothing came out of that, but this sure looks like this PSP rendezvous will be the closest we can get to that – for now, at least.

It also looks as if Parasite Eve lead character Aya Brea will be included, and that’s what brought fans to refer to The 3rd Birthday as “Parasite Eve 3.” While no other details have been revealed, we do know that it it set to release sometime next year, 2009.

On the other hand, the other ex-mobile phone exclusive is from the Final Fantasy franchise – much-talked about as it is already. This time, it’s Final Fantasy Agito 13. Well, it’s not even out on mobile, actually. In fact, it was only a couple of months back that it was rumored to have been canceled. Now we know better, though. But we’re thinking with this announcement, it won’t be far fetched if they decide to launch both versions at the same time. Or maybe not.

Again, details are sparse for this one, but as in The 3rd Birthday announcement – and for more DKS3713 announcements for that matter – we’ll be sure to keep you posted on the dot.

ya han salido algunas imágenes , pero no se ven mucho aquí la fuente del noticion, estos dos juegos iban a ser elaborados solo para móviles pero se lo han pensado mejor !!

http://pspupdates.qj.net/DKS3713-Final- … aid/122847
– tambien confirmado en la revista famitsu : http://www.famitsu.com/game/news/1217142_1124.html

algunas imagenes:

final fantasy 13 agito


parasite eve 3





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